Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eddie sings "Were You There"

I originally posted this video
to my "piano house" facebook page.
This is Eddie, our little terrier.
He is named after the dog on the tv show, Frasier,
because my sons all thought he looked like him.

Eddie has been with us for about 8 years now.
First living with my eldest sons,
and then with us.
Until last October,
Eddie never sang like this.
In recent weeks
I can't even walk toward the piano
to pick up a piece of music
without him getting comfortable
on his tiger pillows,
getting ready to sing.

He really doesn't like the video camera,
so I don't know if we'll be able to post more of his songs.
But if he allows it,
we'll have more of Eddie, The Liturgical Terrier!

I present, Eddie!
(yours truly at the baby grand!)

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