Friday, August 22, 2014

We Pray To the Lord - Part 8 - To Learn More About Bipolar Disorder

I do believe that this will be
my last blog entry
in the series on Bipolar Disorder.
I started it quite some time ago
and then never finished up.
But the death of Robin Williams
really shook me up,
more that the readers of this blog
could possibly understand.

I've read and seen so much online
about so many that are so unforgiving
of this wonderful man,
a man who did so much good
and worked so hard
at making people laugh,
bringing joy to folks around the world.
I've read about what people have said
about drugs and alcohol,
yet have read nothing
about dual diagnosis Bipolar Disorder.
Yes, I've read terrible write-ups by people
who haven't got a clue.

And then,
I read about those who would make plans
to picket his funeral.
you know,
that really gets my goat.
It doesn't matter who died.
When there is a death
there are people who will mourn
and they need to be afforded
that time to mourn.
Don't ever take your picket signs
to any funeral.
Don't ever turn a family's day of mourning
into your moment to carry a picket sign.

And then there are those Christian folk
would condemn Robin Williams
because he took his own.
it's usually those who think
that they are already evangelized
that need the most evangelization.

In a previous blog entry
one of the suggestions I made
was to learn more about Bipolar Disorder.
If we learned more about Bipolar Disorder
we wouldn't be condemning a man
that brought joy and laughter into this world
and we certainly would even entertain the thought
of taking pickets signs to his funeral.

Do take the time
to learn more about Bipolar Disorder.
It could make the difference
between the life and death
of someone you love.
Trust me.

You can learn more about Bipolar Disorder
by visiting the following websites.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

The Balanced Mind Foundation
Family resources for kids with mood disorders

Bipolar World

A resource for Bipolar and Depression

For Robin Williams,
for all who take their own lives;
We Pray To The Lord.


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