Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Lent. With Whom Do You Identify?

St.Frances Cabrini Church Window
Of the many people that appear in the scriptures during Lent and Holy Week, with whom do you most identify?

Are you one of the soldiers that pounded the nails into His cross?

Are you the sarcastic bad thief who steals hope and joy from the faithful?

Are you the good thief who cries,
"Good Jesus, remember me when you come into your reign?"

Are you Judas, one who would betray a friend with a kiss?

Are you Simon of Cyrene,
one who dares to help another with their cross?

Are you Peter,
one who not only denied knowing one of his very best friends
but also denied his own reality?

Are you like the women at the foot of the cross,
crying for another unable to help them in their agony?

Are you like His friends who ran away from it all?

Are you like Veronica,
the valient woman who wiped the face of Jesus,
breaking the barriers and the rules of protocol?

Are you like the Samaritan woman,
a person of mixed culture
who has difficult time finding acceptance in either culture?

Are you the psalmist that cries out,
"My God, my God why have you abandoned me?"

Are you the psalmist that cries out,
"As a deer yearns for running streams, so I thirst for you?"

Are you awake or asleep during prayer?

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About the photo: A beautiful stained glass window just above the main entrace in St. Frances Cabrini Church in Allen Park, MI

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