Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We Pray to the Lord - Part 6 - That We May Learn To Listen To Those With Bipolar Disorder

After the death of Robin Williams
I realize that I have still have a few blog entries
related to Bipolar Disorder
just waiting to get published on my pc.

I haven't blogged much here at liturgy house lately,
and now,
well, now I'm pushed to finish this Bipolar series.

It angers me when people say things like
"if you accept Jesus Christ. . . "
Acceptance of Jesus doesn't take away our life's struggles.
In fact,
I dare say it only increases them.
Those who carry the cross of Bipolar Disorder
carry something tremendous.
To say "if they only accept Jesus"
is like blaming them for their illness.
We wouldn't dare say the same
to someone with cancer,would we?
On the contrary,
would would pray with great fervor for them.

Why aren't we praying with fervor
for those with Bipolar Disorder?

Rest in God's sweet peace, Robin Williams.
At least now you are at peace.
Now you are in peace. . . .

I beg you,
Listen well.

Listening is an art.
Learn to listen.
Learn to look and see.
Learn to feel
and listen well.
The art listening could be the difference
between life and death
for those living with Bipolar Disorder.

I love this video.
In a poetic way
the creator of this video
gives us a glimpse
into what it is like to have Bipolar Disorder.
And very briefly and swiftly
explains why those with Bipolar Disorder
are often confronting a dual diagnosis.

And this 2nd video,
well it just made me cry.
I love the music chosen,
"stay with me."
. . .such desperation in the text.
Listen, my friends,
and listen well.
Bipolar Disorder is very real.

That we learn to listen to and accompany those with Bipolar Disorder,
We pray to the Lord.
* * * * * *

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