Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poetry: Wonder Counselor, The Anunciation, The Visitation, The Magnificat & The Nativity

Here are a few short poems
I originally wrote in 1997.
Although I do have plans 
for some of my other creative works,
these are a few poems
that might not otherwise see the light of day
unless I share with you here.
Merry Christmas!

- r.

Wonder Counselor

They shall call him Wonder-Counselor.
They shall call him Prince of Peace.
His dominion shall be vast
and forever full of peace.

They shall call him God-Hero
the Day-Spring, David’s Key,
a shoot from the stump of Jesse
for all people to see.

On his shoulder dominion rests.
They’ll call him Father-Forever.
He’ll rule with dignity and justice
both now and forever.

The Annunciation

The angel, Gabriel,
sent to a town of Galilee.
She was betrothed of Joseph.
The virgin’s name was Mary.

“Rejoice, oh highly favored.
The Lord, our God, is with you.
Blessed are you among women.
Our God has found favor in you.

“This child shall rule the house of Jacob.
He shall be given David’s throne.”
“Tell me how this all can be
for man I have not known.”

This shall be the sign:
in a virgin’s womb the child dwells.
“You shall conceive and bear a son
and call his name Emmanuel.”

“Jesus shall be His name
with great dignity he’ll reign
He shall be given David’s throne.”

“How is this to be
for man is not known to me
For man I have not known.”

“How is this God’s plan
for I do not know man.”
“The Spirit will come to you.

“The offspring to be born
will be God’s holy son.
The power of the Most High will overshadow you.

“Elizabeth also conceived
she was thought sterile but believed
With God all things can be.”

“Let it be as you say.
I conceive this special child today.
Let it be done to me.”

The Visitation

Proceeding in great haste
Mary then set out
to a town of Judah
to Zechariah’s house

She greeted Elizabeth.
The child leapt for joy within her womb.
“Blessed are you among women
and blest the fruit within your womb.”

Filled with the Holy Spirit
Elizabeth did say,
“Who am I that the mother
of my Lord should come to me this day?

“My baby leapt for joy
when you greeted me.
You trusted our Lord’s word
how blest are you now and shall ever be.”

The Magnificat

“My spirit does find joy
joy in God, my savior.
My being proclaims the greatness
of the Lord, my God, forever.

“Blest shall be this lowly servant
from age to age to come.
Our God, who is mighty,
for me great things has done.

“Blessed be this lowly servant.
My being does our God proclaim.
Our God is mighty.
Holy is God’s name.

“For those who fear there’s endless mercy.
God’s arm shows great might.
Confusing the proud.
Lowly raised to greatest heights.

“Rich empty sent away.
Good things given to the hungry.
Mighty from their thrones cast down.
Israel upheld in highest mercy.

“As promised to our ancestors,
Abraham and Sarah before,
our God keeps the promise still:
Our God forevermore.”

The Nativity

“A son shall be born to you.”
The angel’s words came true
in David’s town of Bethlehem.

In manger world’s redeemer lay
perhaps asleep upon the hay:
no room for them in the inn.

Shepherds watching flocks by night
the Lord’s glory shown ‘round them.
“You have nothing to fear,”
the angel said to them.

“I proclaim Good News
and tidings of great joy.
In David’s town of Bethlehem
Is born a special boy.

“Today in David’s town
A Savior born to you
An infant wrapped in swaddling clothes
is the sign for you.”

In swaddling clothes amid sheep, cattle and all
the Author of Life was born in a stall
Born of a woman who did not know man.

And yet, how appropriately so
in such a place some time ago
was born our Saving Lamb.

And suddenly with angel
a multitude did praise and say,
“All glory to God in high heaven
and peace to those on whom God’s favor lays!”

And just as the angel had told them
in a stable born the Prince of Peace.
Glory to God in the highest
and on earth to God’s people, peace.

And so now we sing with the angels!
We praise God and rejoice!
We join the heavenly hosts
praising God in one voice!

Yes, today we sing with the angels
in the song that shall never cease:
Glory to God in high heaven
and on earth to good people, peace!

For He is born! Emmanuel! God is with us!
To our saving lamb the virgin gives birth.
Glory to God in the highest
And peace to God’s people on earth!

(c) 1997, 2010 Rubi Martinez-Bernat. Rubi has worked in the area of Music and Liturgy in the Archdiocese of Detroit for over 25 years. Rubi has several blogs and websites, including Permission is granted to use these poems on your blog or website provided that nothing is changed or edited. The full content of poetry together with this paragraph and clickable link must be included. All other use in all other media prohibited.

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about the photo:
my corn husk nativity that gets displayed each year on my baby grand piano.

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