Saturday, November 21, 2009

Table Blessings

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I just read a rather wonderful article
and thought I should share it with you.
It's a collection of table blessings
from many cultures.

I must admit,
the one that most struck me
was the Pagan Prayer:

"Blessed be the earth for giving birth to this food.
Blessed be the sun for nourishing it.
Blessed be the wind for carrying its seed.
Blessed be the rain for quenching its thirst.
Blessed be the hands that helped to grow this food,
to prepare it this day and bring it to our tables,
that it may nourish our bodies, minds and spirits.
Blessed be our friends, our families
and loved ones who share in this meal today.
Blessed be."

Thanks to Helen Gray
of the Kansas City Star
for this wonderful collection of table prayers.

My prayers to all
for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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