Monday, June 30, 2008

Defining Quadraparroquial

After yesterday's blog entry,
several asked me what Quadraparroquial means.

Parroquial means "Parish."
Like, Parroquial School means a school run by the parish.

So, if I invent a word like Quadraparroquial,
what I am saying is that I feel at home
in four different parishes.

But it's slowly growing to five.

My first home is
St. Elizabeth Parish in Wyandotte, MI
I'm the music director there
and have been at this parish for 3 years now.
St. Elizabeth - My Primary Parroquial Home.

My second home is
St. Alfred Parish in Taylor, MI.
I lead the music for the afternoon Spanish mass
twice a month.
I've been here for about 3 years now as well.
Bi-Parroquial Defined.

My third parish home is
St. Gabriel Parish in Detroit, MI.
(turn your speakers up if you click the link.
Fr. Jaime is a professional musician!)
I subbed for a musician about 2 years ago
while he was out of town.
This was for the 7:00p.m. Spanish Mass.
Then I stepped in when their parish organist died,
but only for a mass or two.
And then I got called back during Lent
to lead for the Spanish mass again.
Tri-Parroquial Defined.

During the school year on weekdays
I can sometimes be found,
not at the organ bench
or piano bench,
but in the pew at
St. Frances Cabrini Parish in Allen Park, MI.
My son attends high school there,
and well,
I just sometimes worship there because I'm there!
I started attending daily mass when my son
was in middle school.
He would read or be an altar server
and I was just the mom showing some love and support.
Quadra-Parroquial Defined.

Lately, however, it would seem I need to add a 5th parish to the list:
St. Hedwig; Detroit, MI.
I'm still not quite as comfortable here as in the above parishes.
But I've certainly been called to serve as a musician
for special masses (Weddings and 15eras).
I'll be at St. Hedwig twice in July.
. . .and becoming Quinte-Parroquial!

You know,
I have to admit that it really feels good
knowing that I can feel at home
in a number of different places.
Would that all parishes could be as welcoming
as the ones mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

Dear 1/2 of the E T's,

I applaud you for acting on your desire to visit/attend other churches aside from your Home Parish. We're all in This together and, by seeing how we all do the same things in a slightly or even much different fashion, we can only benefit as to how we worship Jesus.

As a convert, I am becoming more aware of how, pre-Vatican II, this was not something that was viewed favorable. I try to ENCOURAGE any and all, no matter where they worship, to visit sister parishes in their area - or to take a field trip and visit one a few cities or a county over...Jesus is everywhere and He's ALIVE and WELL in all the rooms of His Father's House.

Priests do Pulpit exchanges. We, as parishioners, are invited by Scripture to do likewise. It gets us out of our comfort zones. Jesus didn't look too comfortable on Calvary. The least I can do is walk into a different church every now and then.

Being open minded, in part, is what led me to the Catholic faith. Now that I am Home here in The Faith, I don't have much desire to close the mind that landed me here.

That's not what got me here.

My faith is stronger as I learn about Jesus from different Shepherds who teach in different ways.

I have had the blessed opportunity to attend dozens of Catholic churches and break bread with some of the Pastors, or to be fortunate enough -time permitting-to have a private audience with them and ask them their thoughts on certain issues, etc.

Some call it free lancing; some call it church shopping. I call it loving Jesus in a lot of different rooms in His Father's House. Being open to doing so has allowed me to being touched by many brothers and sisters along the way who I would have never met otherwise...

Today, I am grateful. My prayer is that, tomorrow, I remember today...


Rubi said...

Ah. . . I love the initials "BD." . . Tell me, Bus Driver, is that a school bus or a church bus that you drive?. .

The truth of the matter is, I do so many parishes because, well, not many are hiring full-time directors of music ministry anymore. . what a pity. . .some of these parishes have the potential to have some truly fantastic musical/creative things happening. . .

. . .but this would require grant writing and ongoing planning. . . You see, being a full-time music minister is a lot more than sitting behind the organ or piano. . .

One of these parishes I frequent has an amazing Casavant Pipe organ that is in need of some repair. .. .something that may only happen if there is grant money for such a project. . .

. . . .Sometimes I feel like I'm just filling in a slot. . . .the parish is relieved because there is a musician for this mass or that mass. . .

And yet, I can see the potential that lay dormant. . .waiting for the opportunity to blossom and become. . ..but this is not something that's going to happen with a musician that's merely slot filling. . .

Now, there is giving time and talent because it is a good thing, the right thing, to do. But there is also the community recognizing the need of qualified music ministers.

On the other hand, I have had the opportunity to meet people I would never have otherwise met.

And you know, there are some folks who are absolutely frightened at the thought of cluster and merger and closer. While I don't like the idea of clustering and have my own thoughts on the subject, I do not fear it. In the end, it may just be the thing we need to shake up those who are asleep. . .