Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's Up With the Sound Snipet?

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You may be wondering what the little sound snipet
is that you hear sometimes on this blog.
Basically, it's a little advertisement.

Why would I add that to my liturgy blog?

I'm a mom who works for the Roman Catholic Church. Sadly, if one works for the church these days one really cannot afford to send their child to a good Catholic High School. Now, that's not a complaint. I love my ministry, the work that I do. It's just a very sad reality that what I earn won't pay my son's tuition to a good Catholic High School.

So to help pay for my son's tuition,
I permit various advertisers a 5-second spiel on my blog.
It's really that simple.

Besides, I figured that 5 seconds wasn't so long that it would become intrusive to those who visit this blog. And I do have the wherewithall to turn off the advertisements when I think it would be appropriate to do so (as I will probably do during Triduum).

Anyhow, that's it in a nutshell.

If you are interested
in adding a little bit of monetization
to your blog or website,
please feel free to visit this site:

It's free and easy to use.
It will only require you
to add a little bit of code to your site.

So, thank you for tolerating
the 5 second sound snipet advertisement.
By doing so,
you are helping to keep
my son in a good Catholic High School.

Thanks, again.
And God Bless!

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